Скачать моды на майнкрафт 1 10 2 на наруто

скачать моды на майнкрафт 1 10 2 на наруто

Create Account or Sign In. Some of the new armour. Paper bombs hide after a short time. Sharingan recoded to work with SEUS - only available to certain players. The puppet with praneeth in the background. The new ninja village mobs. Download Mod Feature on my profile page.

скачать моды на майнкрафт 1 10 2 на наруто

Майнпрафт Senpai Subscribe The mod is still in beta майнкпафт loads is still being added and there are still bugs. Not all features are shown in the slides above as there is too much to show in 10 slides. I am rewriting the mod description as I wrote this when the нч first came out so it is kind of messy I sucked at writing back then: P The mod has only just come out so LOADS more will be added The progress wont be very accurate because Майпкрафт may decide to add more or less that I think at the moment, depends if more features are thought of or scrapped but i am still at the start of making the mod at the moment.

Also the percent is until its out of beta. More will be added also when its done I will be constantly updating this so there will be loads of updates coming out. This is the new server that will be used in the Naruto mod.

Sadly there are not any up to date мооы reviews at the moment, if you make one contact me and i will нарутг it here! The mod connects to the internet to detect updates and also to allow a player count which can be disabled. Common Problems Mod installer showing as a zip file This problem can often be caused by winrar, to fix майнкоафт open winrar and open the settings.

From there you should be able to control which file types it associates itself with. In this case just change the. D Problems with the installer or the mod? Before you complain about the mod installer not running please install java 7 from here www.

If is continues to not work then you can tell me. At the moment java 8 does not work. If you have java 8 and forge does not work please follow the instructions in this link to fix it www. If you are still having problems after reinstalling and updating java Then feel free to contact me on skype and ask for help, I am available most of the time! All materials used belong to their rightful owners.

скачать моды на майнкрафт 1 10 2 на наруто

ALL crash logs just pasted in the comments н be removed and not read. Please upload to pastebin then give a link or send me it privately. They are way too long otherwise: P That or past them in the naruto-mod chat on discord and mention me click the image below to join discordapp. Showing last 25 of 30 logs.

Chakra values reworked slightly different ability costs Chakra is now out of a proper value and not a percent Everything has been updated to 1. Иоды water bullet jutsu was added New items added kubikiribocho, madara armour and leggings fixed майнктафт bug with the launcher stopping the mod installing fixed the throwing animation added elbows to the character fixed bugs with the fireball and substitution jutsu calculating distances added a н options menu.

Наа major bug has been fixed that was caused by dropbox causing all users to be unable to use the mod, also code has been added to make sure that the same sort of error never happens again. Added bonsai trees Fixed the problem with leaves not dropping apples Added flak jackets Added a new experementle first person mode that can be toggled by pressing O Updated the нарутто model and particles Updated the substitution to move and look more convinsing Fixed a few other bugs and glitches.

Added the first jutsus and more techniques fireball, shadow clone and substitution Added cosmetic items Added more villager trades Added sakura trees. Fixed a major bug for servers! Updated to forge Changed the chakra bar Updated the jutsu system Servers are now supported!

Finished the pupped re coding and it now will shoot arrows, fly around and be a separate mob to the blaze.

скачать моды на майнкрафт 1 10 2 на наруто

A few edits to some items. Changed kunai, shuriken and explosive kunai throwing distances. A major bug fix. Added 2 New Records with Naruto songs on. Added sound support so i can add sounds to the mod using audiotori Started adding new items and a new animation still probably need to work on it a bit more.

Although I want to do it so i wont let you do too much though: Edited the puppet model so its smaller Changed Server IP. New Puppet Model Fixed a player model bug. Almost finished designing a new model for the puppet: D soon gonna add, texture and animate: Last update broke endermen arms again, finally fully fixed, tell me if there are any more problems.

Nzi Level 1 New Miner October 18, And also how to join the server? When you plant a Sakura tree and bone meal it, for some reason unknown to me most of the tree except for the two first base blocks of the tree sometimes only one becomes invisible. But you can fix this by exiting the world and joining again. Also i would like to suggest something for future updates. I was thinking maybe you could add custom buildings for the ninja villagers like with shoji doors and other japanese house materials.

Also I have an idea for the sharingan and the byakugan, even though you probaby have your own idea, i just need to get these ideas out in the public.

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And who knows, maybe they could provide you with inspiration? Anyway thats all i have to say. Szymecz Level 1 New Miner August 29, Do I need to download the animations separately, is there a way to turn them on or off, or am I just being a pleb and its just a bug?

There is issues with stuff that overwrites the player rendering, e. Yotsuhirasaka Level 8 Apprentice Explorer August 10,9: Proof I do have proper Ан to release this So here you are.

Xenovain Level 1 New Miner August 17,7: Xenovain Level 1 New Miner August 24,6: Hesarun Level 1 New Miner Нвруто 21,6: Thank you Sekwah, and please add a fuken everything rasengan, chidori, sharingan, genjutsu PS: MY hamachi network ID: Hagins 15 Server IP: Because this button join naruto server does not work, and is there any multiplayer for naruto mod?

Also you should be able to give commands to shadow clones and they totally need more life майнкраыт, along with multi shadow clone jutsu. Also needs a rasengan!

Kaidris Level 1 New Miner April 22,2: Dulight Level 1 New Miner April 17,8: Edy Level 1 New Miner April 15,6: If you make a big update in one year You will get more ideas, and more time we need to wait! Bartoslaw Level 1 New Miner April 13,4: Dulight Level 1 New Miner April 2, Dulight Level 1 New Miner April 10,3: Zerakc Level 1 New Miner March 30,5: Tekczon Level 1 New Miner March 27, Xenovain Level 1 New Miner March 16,9: Xenovain Level 1 New Miner February 24, Will it come to more versions of Minecraft like 1.

Please help me, I really want to be a Minecraft ninja! Dulight Level 1 New Miner February 1,6: But a day release it. I would like to see a new update.

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Then you find you naruto mod download and it should have the option to show you the location of the mod. Click it and there you go.

скачать моды на майнкрафт 1 10 2 на наруто

The main stuff will change with the bigger update. Fluffy Level 1 New Miner January 22,4: When do you еаруто to add in more jutsus? S0 many people want it to be updated.

I love naruto so much! Well if u ever decide to Version update let me know.


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