Майнкрафт скачать мод король лев на 1 7 2

This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. This thread was marked as Locked by citricsquid. I also do line art occasionally. I have two work in progress resource packs!

This is the second one! All скччать will need to merge their Minecraft Forum account with a new or existing Twitch account starting October 23rd. You can merge your accounts by clicking here.

Curse Help Register Sign In. Home Minecraft Forum Mapping and Modding: Java Edition Minecraft Mods [1. This showcases the mod really well, and there are three parts to it: Another great up-to-date review of the mod, thanks to TheDiamondMinecart!


I recommend watching this: There are two other parts to this series, but it is quite old, and the mod now has a lot more to it than what these videos show: Thanks to Etalyx GamersDissent: Thanks to Whiffen Jamie First, you will need to obtain a Gold Ingot.

Upon entering the Pride Lands for the first time, a small pedestal with a chest on top will appear near the portal. Interact with Rafiki and he will give you tasks to complete.

[1.6.4] The Lion King Mod v1.13

The first task is to collect 64 hyena bones. Timon and Pumbaa are кортль hungry, and who could do a better job of finding them some food than yourself? So what is there to see in the Pride Lands? From biomes to trees, ores to dungeons, read on to find out more about what the Lion King world holds.

майнкрафт скачать мод король лев на 1 7 2

There are many new animals to be found in the Pride Lands, and I hope to add even more! You can craft one as shown below with a stick and five planks the planks can be any type, as long as they were made from Lion King wood. One of the most useful new items in the Pride Lands is the Крроль Shooter.


This weapon скачаьт you to fire various different kinds of darts, some with special abilities, and can be considered the replacement for the bow and arrow. The Outlands is the second dimension in this mod. There is only one Outlands Portal, but after some questing and exploring you may find another way to travel between this world and the Pride Lands.

Upendi is the third Lion King dimension, originally added some time ago, then removed, and re-added, improved and made accessible. Instead, the way to enter Upendi is hidden deep underground, in the Pride Lands dungeons. This mod plugin, a patch to Minecraft source, henceforth "Mod" or "The Mod"excepting any characters, locations, or other trademarks, which are the intellectual property of the Walt Disney Corporation, is by the terms of https: By default it may only be distributed on minecraftforums.

майнкрафт скачать мод король лев на 1 7 2

It may only be mirrored or reposted with advance written permission of the Owner. Electronic Mail is fine if you wait for a response. The Mod is intended as a tribute to The Lion King and the Owner makes no claim upon The Lion King or any associated trademarks of the Walt Disney Corporation, nor does he affiliate himself with them in any way. Last edited by Mevans: Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. BRO, lions need noses, its one of there most predominant features. Other than that great job.

A normal man on a normal forum with a fondness of: I really like the ticket booth idea, funny for a medival world. And of course, by "work-in-progress" I mean "will never, ever be completed". Wow, this mod looks really well done.

Скачать Мод Король Лев на Minecraft 1.6.4 бесплатно

Not one, but 2 new dimensions along with a quest giver and balanced tools and materials! I also have a bunch of mods here: Could you please put up a mirror download link. My life is complete: I watched The Lion King as a kid and i still do so to this day. My Little Pony kills, Watcha gonna do about it, Hater.


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